Readings and Events


March 20

Columbia College
Columbia, MO


March 23

Literati Bookstore
Ann Arbor, MI


March 24

Kalamazoo, MI


March 25

Talk of the Town (Town Hall Fundraiser)
Seattle, WA


March 31

People Eating & Giving
Seattle, WA


April 5

NYU Bookstore
New York City, NY


April 6

Northshire Bookstore
Saratoga Springs, NY


April 9

Papercuts JP (at First Church JP)
Boston, MA


April 11

Harvard Bookstore
Boston, MA


April 12

Strand Bookstore
New York City, NY


April 13

Yale University
New Haven, CT


April 22 - 23

LA Times Festival of Books
Los Angeles, CA


May 13

Writers with Drinks
San Francisco, CA


June 3 - 4

Bay Area Book Festival
San Francisco, CA