“One of the most distinctive voices advancing feminist politics through humor.”  

The New York Times Book Review


“Read her ferociously funny book and you’ll be shouting her praises.”



“If Shrill isn’t already on your summer reading list, you may need to shift your priorities”



“Less of a tirade, more of a hilarious and earnest examination of what it means to be heard, Shrill is essential reading for anyone who has ever felt silenced in a loud world.”

Barnes & Noble Review


“I am so happy I've been reading her for half a decade. I'll be doing it for another half a century.”

Lenny Letter/Lena Dunham


“There is one ever-present, never exhausted hallmark of West's writing, and that is its unwavering heart. Reading her book is like taking a master class in inclusivity and cultural criticism, as taught by one of the funniest feminists alive today.”



“Throughout, West proves herself to be a considerate and critical narrator with equal capacity for humor and genuine reflection—a writer who can turn her analytical eye just as easily to society as to her own life. It’s the best kind of memoir, and it shows that Lindy West still has a lot more to say—and that we should all keep listening.”

Bitch Media


“West defies cliches both by being persistently hilarious and deeply loving … she also writes with substance and grace about living in her own body in a way that transcends the sometimes facile cheerleading for body positivity that shows up everywhere. The strength of Shrill, though, is the way it captures both halves of the equation, the joy of those hard-fought victories and the pain incurred in battle.”

Washington Post 


“Shrill is just as clever and outspoken as you’d expect from Lindy West, with pieces that tackle everything from feminism to body image to what it means to be a woman in today’s society. This important, brutally honest book makes for a hilarious read.”

Buzzfeed’s “18 Incredible New Books You Need to Read this Summer”


“With Shrill, West cements her reputation as a woman unafraid to confront (and confound) her critics. The collection of connected essays, spiked with West's signature insight and dark humor, illustrates just how deeply sexism pervades our society while laughing at the absurdities that sexism somehow normalizes. West digs deep into pain—her struggles with body image, her father's death, the harassment she faces online—to find humor and grace.”  



“Lindy West is the troll-fighting feminist warrior you’ve been waiting for….Shrill treats feminism, fatness and social change with rigorous attention without losing any of her signature humor.”

Los Angeles Times


“Both sharp-toothed and fluid…To see so much of West’s writing in one place is to appreciate her range. West is propulsively entertaining.” 



“[Lindy is] warm and cutting, vulnerable and funny in equal measures; her sense of self makes you yourself feel seen.”



“West, as funny as she is incisive, distinguishes herself as a writer who cuts to the heart of the matter. Shrill is no exception.”  



“You need to read [Shrill]. It’s hilarious, biting and wise.” 

Huffington Post


“Someone has to fight the misogynists, after all, and West is well-situated for the front lines, lacing her blunt sense of humor with a surprising amount of nuanced empathy.” 



“In her incredible and insightful new book Shrill….West gets unflinchingly real about growing up fat and the harmful impact that the media (and its disdain for fat women) can have on young girls.”

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls


“An overweight feminist refuses to be silent about fatness and other issues she cares about—and the result is melodious.”

Shelf Awareness


“I for real cannot recommend this book enough to my fellow friends and sisters on the intertubes.”



“Written with West’s signature wry comedic style, Shrill is both a heartfelt memoir and a passionate manifesto, revealing much more of her emotional life and, by extension, her vulnerability than she ever could—or wanted to—in a newspaper column, blog post or tweet.”

Metro News


"Lindy West is, I think, one of the most valuable writers and humorists working today. She's smart, vulnerable, and daring, and more than that: she continually performs the Herculean feat of maintaining a razor-sharp sense of humor when the world is constantly telling her to shut up. Everybody should drop whatever they're doing and read it."

Liz Wright, Brazos Bookstore (Houston TX)


“I wish I could make a thousand copies of this book and also a time machine and pass it out to everyone (boys AND girls, students AND teachers) in my middle school.”

Kelsey Myers, Book Shop of Fort Collins (Fort Collins, CO)


“Pick up this book and find a fresh voice for women's rights.”

Laura DeLaney, Rediscovered Bookshop (Boise, ID)


“I love this book so much, it's almost violent. Lindy West has a razor-sharp intelligence and wit that comes through on every page, as does her humor and compassion. I'm basically drooling all over this staff rec, so I'll finish with this: read this book, it'll be the best thing you put in your face all year!”

Lauren Peugh, Changing Hands (Tempe, AZ)


“Lindy West's long-awaited first book is far and away the best humor writing I've read in years, and also the freshest take on feminism I've read in forever. West's writing is vital, uncompromising, and totally new.”

Kea Wilson, Left Bank Books (Saint Louis, MO)


“In a broadening field of smart, comedic feminist essayists, Lindy West stands out for her authenticity, vulnerability and the clarity of her arguments. While raucous and relatable, West’s analyses of where women stand in American culture, especially fat women, are whip smart and extremely empathetic. We’re all lucky to have such an advocate.”

Rhianna Walton, Powell's Books (Portland, OR)


“Lindy West is an essential (and hilarious) voice for women. Her talent and bravery have made the Internet a place I actually want to be. Thank you, Lindy.” 

Lena Dunham, #1 bestselling author of Not That Kind of Girl


"It made me hurt, both from laughing and crying. Required reading if you are a feminist. Recommended reading if you aren't."

Jenny Lawson, #1 bestselling author of Let's Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy


It's literally the new Bible.” 

Caitlin Moran, NYT bestselling author of How to Be a Woman


“Hey reader! I thought I'd read enough in this lifetime about people's childhoods and feelings and such and I'd never want to do it again. But Lindy West is such a totally entertaining and original writer she blew that thought out of my head halfway into the first chapter. I dare you to feel differently.”

Ira Glass, This American Life


"There's a reason Lindy West is such a beloved writer: she gets to the heart of impossible issues with humor and grace. West will have you cringing, laughing and crying, all within one page. Shrill is a must-read for all women."

Jessica Valenti, author of Why Have Kids and Full Frontal Feminism


“Lindy is so smart and so funny that it almost hurts my little jealous-ass feelings. She is my most favorite writer ever.” 

Samantha Irby, author of Meaty


“I imagined that spending time in such a person's head would be tedious. But it's hilarious. And delightful. And enlightening. Best of all, I finished Shrill a little less judgy than I began. Toward fat people on airplanes. Toward people terrorized by anonymous Twitter users. Toward people who like wizards.”

Joel Stein, Judge at Book of the Month Club